George Russell responds to 2022 Mercedes seat speculation 👀 | The F1 Show

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George Russell spoke to the F1 Show on how this season looks for him as enters the final year of his Williams contract, and what's in store for 2022 with a Mercedes seat potentially on the cards.

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  1. kiran kulkarni
    kiran kulkarni
    13 dagen geleden


  2. Tom Mack
    Tom Mack
    24 dagen geleden

    I saw Williams is looking to offer George a 4 year deal. This would be a big mistake. It's looking like he will replace Bottas for 2022. Lewis has said he isn't ready to retire yet. And is excited to drive the new cars. After the 2021 rule change that has destroyed the advantage at Mercedes they need the absolute best drivers. Bottas / Russel is no match for Max Verstappen. They should give Russel the seat as a P2 driver to start off. Then see how that goes. Mercedes don't like any conflict or too much rivalry between team mates after how it was with Rossberg. They are already on the back foot so they must keep Lewis for now. Also. Mercedes as an image. Bottas is no good. He is not graceful in defeat and after 5 years he is just miserable and bringing Russel for 2022 shows the team is moving forward.

  3. UltralightFlyer
    Maand geleden

    If Bottas cannot be champion in Mercedes he will never be. But than Russell in Merck would be a menace to Lewis. Modern F1.

  4. MrAllister9
    Maand geleden

    i just dont see what the hype is all about to be honest with you ...

  5. Pamela
    Maand geleden

    Hmm, that age badly so quickly.... I'm not a hater, really like the guy! I call him a "monster" exactly because it's rare to see a young and very talented F1 driver that talks in a reasonable, mature way about himself and how he perceive the "environment" around him. Imagine what a guy with the mind in the right place so early in his F1 years could do in the next 10 years? But, hey, I guess he needed that... Maybe a wake up call.

  6. Daniel Newberry
    Daniel Newberry
    2 maanden geleden

    Who is here after Imola 2021 lmao

  7. Wigzino
    2 maanden geleden

    100% he will probably replace bottas at the end of 2021 they're both at the end of their contracts

  8. XavRacesKarts
    2 maanden geleden


  9. David Holgate
    David Holgate
    2 maanden geleden

    He doesn't have the personality or charisma of Lando Norris does he!

  10. Nicholas Holmes-Siedle
    Nicholas Holmes-Siedle
    2 maanden geleden

    Listen to him ,then Toto. 2 peas in a pod .Alonso ,Hamilton ,winners don't accept losing .They can't prevent it ,but learn to expect better.

  11. Jason Rankin
    Jason Rankin
    2 maanden geleden

    Staying where he is would not be bad prospects. The team built a great rally car that dominated and probably some very good ideas to come from them in new regulation changes in the next years

  12. Chetan Sharma
    Chetan Sharma
    2 maanden geleden

    Russel will win one day

  13. Jenny Chan
    Jenny Chan
    2 maanden geleden

    Excited to see him and Lando do well!

  14. Yasin Haider
    Yasin Haider
    2 maanden geleden

    Mfer really talked about William's food department 😭😭😭

  15. linus
    2 maanden geleden

    He definitely likes the word gutted.

  16. build Motosykletist
    build Motosykletist
    2 maanden geleden

    No wonder Lewis vetoed George.

  17. Blaze_ Leo
    Blaze_ Leo
    2 maanden geleden

    I really want Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to race for 2022 season because then Hamilton could be Russell’s mentor

    1. salman ahjum-mathee
      salman ahjum-mathee
      2 maanden geleden

      @tommy he gets dropped. Maybe a return to Williams where he did fairly well before going to Merc

    2. tommy
      2 maanden geleden

      What about valteri?

  18. Louel
    2 maanden geleden

    2021 is Max's last chance to get a championship if Russell is going to Mercedes in 2022

    1. Cate tv
      Cate tv
      2 maanden geleden

      Max can beat George even in a Mercedes

  19. Legal Tech Innovations
    Legal Tech Innovations
    2 maanden geleden

    With Mercedes having no long term deals with their drivers, could they be leaving the sport???? George definitely seems so level headed, a great role model for young and old!

  20. Adam
    3 maanden geleden

    Really curious to see how Russell compares with Max

  21. King Zapp
    King Zapp
    3 maanden geleden

    George Russell for PM

  22. pedrogoldfinger
    3 maanden geleden

    Jenson would be a good salesman, very slick but congrats to him

  23. Murphy moe
    Murphy moe
    3 maanden geleden

    George deserves the Merc seat Bottas can go back to Williams

    1. tommy
      2 maanden geleden

      Dump Hamilton and put george instead

    2. Tippy Tappy Man
      Tippy Tappy Man
      3 maanden geleden

      No, put shamilton in the William's... brit swap

  24. Murphy moe
    Murphy moe
    3 maanden geleden

    For me he's the best driver out there

    3 maanden geleden

    I think his 'puncture' at Bahrain was a dodgy sensor

  26. Homemade Clock
    Homemade Clock
    3 maanden geleden

    your private school wasn't as expensive as haberdasher's aske boys school

  27. Aldin Huseinbasic
    Aldin Huseinbasic
    3 maanden geleden

    Russel can defeat Hamilton, Bottas can’t!

  28. Attal Ibrahimi
    Attal Ibrahimi
    3 maanden geleden

    What is the big deal. The English sure have a way of over hyping average English drivers.

    1. Attal Ibrahimi
      Attal Ibrahimi
      3 maanden geleden

      @King Zapp yes pretty much.

    2. King Zapp
      King Zapp
      3 maanden geleden

      Like the current 7 time world champion?

  29. Paul Kay
    Paul Kay
    3 maanden geleden

    Such a good talent give him Hamilton's seat and get rid of Lewis.

  30. Herbert Somsen
    Herbert Somsen
    3 maanden geleden

    max and russell in 2022 mec team

  31. jason fleming
    jason fleming
    3 maanden geleden

    Russell will be in the Merc before max. Max made his bed a few years ago calling Merc a bunch of cheats. Don't think Merc would hire that.

  32. A Jones
    A Jones
    3 maanden geleden

    There are about 5 young drivers on the grid who have been dubbed 'Future World Champions'. Frankly I hope for 3/4 way title fights in the future! (Probably after Hamilton!)

  33. Griptopia
    3 maanden geleden

    Aero guys roll their eyes every yeah.. (i bet they all meet up to play cards and agree the true order of things hehe) . Will miss whoever leaves mercedes George is a great guy. Clearly can drive. Excited about everything moving forward. This sport is a good distraction from the chaos in the world. Shame all the politicians cannot learn something from Formula one... ie.. do a good job, be professional and work hard for their team! instead they cause distractions and are to busy pointing the finger! If our government were a F1 team we wouldn't put up with them! Go F1 and great to see you all chatting together.. :))

  34. Hamish MacSporran
    Hamish MacSporran
    3 maanden geleden

    Played it very cool...

  35. Mark Spence
    Mark Spence
    3 maanden geleden

    Can’t see Lewis wanting to run alongside Russell. He’ll be afraid of being beaten by him.

  36. Michael Gerrard
    Michael Gerrard
    3 maanden geleden

    George is so professional, I am rooting for him. Williams too, I hope they can move up the pecking order this year.

  37. BeeCee
    3 maanden geleden

    Its getting rediculous how much the brittish media is pushing the story of Russell going to merc. Guess these guys worked for The Sun in previous lives, they also mix up facts and fiction.

  38. blxtothis
    3 maanden geleden

    He will never be a Benz driver while Saint Hamilton is still driving for them

  39. Magda
    3 maanden geleden

    cant wait for the 28th March, i lineup is so exciting cant wait

  40. Rob B
    Rob B
    3 maanden geleden

    Hope he gets the seat he deserves soon. Sad to see Williams where they are though - I also hope they can improve sooner rather than later.

  41. The Kendrick
    The Kendrick
    3 maanden geleden

    George Russell is so mature in the way he carries himself. Not like that Merc driver always whining and second guessing his own team.

  42. Michael 9413
    Michael 9413
    3 maanden geleden

    Future world champion 💪🏼💪🏼

  43. Anthony Newcome
    Anthony Newcome
    3 maanden geleden

    think bottas will be gone before the summer break or there abouts, russel in that car, and max in the other car 2022, merc has to look to the future and the current drivers are not it anymore,,,

  44. a walk
    a walk
    3 maanden geleden

    Russell is correct in that he says we will need to see what the "Pecking order" will be like at the end of 2021 season. There are a lot of young drivers in F1 now who are performing well and we need to see which ones show their merits as the season progresses. There are no "Free passes" for a seat in the leading teams and also no guarantee that there will be an empty seat.

  45. al doe
    al doe
    3 maanden geleden

    They have his fool gassed up!

  46. Brian Asciak
    Brian Asciak
    3 maanden geleden

    Russell showed in one race what his capable in front & over taking w the Merc. With Williams done good , hope Williams get back with the Top 5 were it deserve to be. its all building blocks like Mclaren you need good people & cohesion around you.

  47. Ark Blast
    Ark Blast
    3 maanden geleden

    I rate Russell more highly than Lando personally. I’ve watched his career through junior Formula and he’s always been very good. Future world champion.

  48. Ed Mcdanza
    Ed Mcdanza
    3 maanden geleden

    I reckon McLando is of ze g4yz

  49. y1521t21b5
    3 maanden geleden

    RUS should be in the works _Merc_ right now!

  50. M. Long
    M. Long
    3 maanden geleden

    If mercedes don't give him a seat... imagine watching George taking Williams back to its glory days!

  51. 中村有希
    3 maanden geleden

    The nimble slash coherently prick because cousin peroperatively laugh failing a peaceful skiing. rotten, unarmed scene

  52. Martin Kis
    Martin Kis
    3 maanden geleden

    I'm so looking forward to having George in Mercedes. I think this year might be close, and if Hamilton is leaving soon the team certainly need to pick things up with a young driver like George and give him the chance to race against Lewis and learn from him, get to know the team, etc. just so he can be prepared. I'm certain if he gets a chance he might be a future world champion

  53. D Smith
    D Smith
    3 maanden geleden

    4:51 is what you came here for

  54. Neil C.H.
    Neil C.H.
    3 maanden geleden

    "sit back relax"... And watch teams offer me a long term contract

  55. Simon Robinson
    Simon Robinson
    3 maanden geleden

    Just can not wait for him to get in that seat he going to be good as Hamilton if not better come on mercedes keep your promise to him...

  56. Delta November
    Delta November
    3 maanden geleden

    Ditch Valterri The Lamb and get George in that seat.

  57. Rodolphe Ndessabeka
    Rodolphe Ndessabeka
    3 maanden geleden

    Can George please starts scoring points in a Williams before the hype goes in overdrive?

    1. Rodolphe Ndessabeka
      Rodolphe Ndessabeka
      3 maanden geleden

      @b&srbck I couldn't have said it better.

  58. Luis Fernando Ludert
    Luis Fernando Ludert
    3 maanden geleden

    George " Gutted " Russell

  59. esciteach
    3 maanden geleden

    If anyone thinks Mercedes is "not up to par" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, cheap. Remember 2019 ? 2020? "oh, we have no power" and finish P1 constructors and Lewis. It would be awesome to see our young guys (George-Lando-Charles-Max) taking over but most likely not till Lewis leaves.

  60. Ehimen Oseghale
    Ehimen Oseghale
    3 maanden geleden

    Already writing off Lewis? You will be surprised.

  61. michael welch
    michael welch
    3 maanden geleden

    To late, I thought Mercedes should have passed on Mr. BLM Hamilton when they had a chance, not resigned him, I hope he loses every race, sick of his hypocracy of poltical BS. Go race electric. Russell proved its more of the car than the driver. I didn’t agree with that until it happened. Imo, max , George and others are as fast as Hamilton. BaDaBoom.

  62. Guj Bun
    Guj Bun
    3 maanden geleden


  63. Jason Chigaazira
    Jason Chigaazira
    3 maanden geleden

    George Russell is going to be Max's biggest rival. So humble and professional! I'm rooting for him

    1. David Shih
      David Shih
      2 maanden geleden

      Its max george and charles going at it in the future

  64. peterparkerlovesmj
    3 maanden geleden

    Simon asks the dumbest questions

  65. D Rod
    D Rod
    3 maanden geleden

    He loves saying the word gutted.

    3 maanden geleden

    Yesss I hope George Russell gets the seat for 2022 I can’t stand Bottas even better if Lewis retires omg 😳 that would just be perfect

  67. MattMatt1602
    3 maanden geleden

    George Russell definitely has the decorum and intelligence to become the sports commentator after he retires. Mark my words.

    1. Reece
      9 dagen geleden

      Mark your words?... I don't know webber to believe you or not

    2. Kristóf Györgyi
      Kristóf Györgyi
      Maand geleden

      I'll be thinking of MattMatt1602 when I'm listening to George Russell commentate F1

    3. Yusuf
      2 maanden geleden

      He just got in and he should become a commentator? Man can do anything after the sport after. Let him get to the top of this game first

    4. Lae Mangaraja
      Lae Mangaraja
      3 maanden geleden

      he is better retire soon to become commentator then

  68. Brodahh
    3 maanden geleden

    Bruh the season hasn't even started

  69. F1Slunk
    3 maanden geleden

    Not trolling, but he still has a lot to prove imo. I actually think Bottas has a legit chance at WDC this year. Russell needs to make Williams better before reaching higher aspirations with AMG.

    1. JR Rosberg
      JR Rosberg
      3 maanden geleden

      @Steffighter144 what season are you talking about if max didn't have all those issues with his car 2nd place was his last season

    2. Steffighter144
      3 maanden geleden

      Well when your car breaks down half of the time or puncture even Hamilton would not win the title

    3. JR Rosberg
      JR Rosberg
      3 maanden geleden

      @F1Slunk He said that last year a matter of fact he said he would beat Hamilton last year in pre-season interviews he even said am better than Hamilton and he will never say any driver is better than me more power to him but there is something called reality

    4. F1Slunk
      3 maanden geleden

      @JR Rosberg True, but it's make or break for VB this year. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

    5. JR Rosberg
      JR Rosberg
      3 maanden geleden

      I heard that about in 2019 and 2020

  70. Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation
    Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation
    3 maanden geleden

    stop hassling the dude, aint even started this season yet

  71. Nicholas Hamil
    Nicholas Hamil
    3 maanden geleden

    Frank saw a little of himself in young George. I know we’re going to see great things from him and that whole group of boys. 2 year til epic battles

  72. Scramblaar
    3 maanden geleden

    I see him becoming a team principal once he retires (very far ahead I know)

  73. Fkez05
    3 maanden geleden

    Ocon 2.0

  74. Bam Bam 444
    Bam Bam 444
    3 maanden geleden

    The sooner toto is out of f1 the better, he has his finger in too many drivers and too many teams, all which conviently end up making him cash . We all know he is full of BS every race we hear it and he inherited a team and budget that was already established. He's better suited to ferrari I'm sure he could off load some merc data to them whilst conviently investing at the same time. The guy is in f1 for himself and will hold everything at arms length including Russel for as long as possible. His only true aly is Lewis and they will leave together very happy whilst leaving a drove of pissed off screwed over merc drivers in their wake.

    1. JR Rosberg
      JR Rosberg
      3 maanden geleden

      Toto Wolff had Nico and Hamilton to deal with for years he gets the best results I don't understand your anger is it because of Russell

  75. T J
    T J
    3 maanden geleden

    Not even a green light on the 2021 season and you're talking 2022? Come on man...stop this nonsense..

  76. Mountain Man
    Mountain Man
    3 maanden geleden

    There are other just as talented and hungry as Russell in the grid. Having said that, he is very well polished in terms of media training and knows how to prevaricate and babble on and on; his future after f1 racing is secured.

  77. Dimitrije Vukićević
    Dimitrije Vukićević
    3 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or does George often say "gutted" Or is it just a British people thing

    1. Zinho9
      3 maanden geleden

      @Rob B fair point

    2. Rob B
      Rob B
      3 maanden geleden

      @Zinho9 Well he *does* drive for Williams

    3. Zinho9
      3 maanden geleden

      It is a British thing but he say's it more than usual

  78. Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis
    3 maanden geleden

    Yawn! nuther Russell appreciation show. based on one unscheduled track which he didn't win... boring! Only championships hes going to be winning in the near future is E Sports😆

  79. MacDofGlasgow
    3 maanden geleden

    If it isn't Mercedes I could see someone else wanting GR. Like the man says himself, Bahrain 2 last year boosted his stock a lot. Qualified well and was class in the race. Plus, GR always seems like a nice dude.

  80. Xolani Sibeko
    Xolani Sibeko
    3 maanden geleden

    Overrated. Turkish grand Prix, hit the wall on pit exit. Lol. Just to mention one howler. There's quite a few of them. If not for the 3 points he got driving the Merc, Latifi would've finished higher than him.

  81. Zachary Wright
    Zachary Wright
    3 maanden geleden

    I mean yes of course I want him at Mercedes just take away Bottas’ seat

  82. Jack Camarda
    Jack Camarda
    3 maanden geleden

    This kid showed what he could do in one weekend in the fastest car on the track. He's earned a top drive, if not with MB, then somebody with a clear shot at the championship.

  83. Ricky Henderson
    Ricky Henderson
    3 maanden geleden

    I think the push remark from the team leaders just shows how unorganized they were before. Pushing a team to be the best isn't something new and it's something that all the top teams have in common, so for a team to say a driver asking for the 110% is somehow off-putting, they need to find a new job because unless your pushing you'll never make it.

  84. DAVID T
    3 maanden geleden

    Russel will not get a Mercedes seat next year

  85. Real
    3 maanden geleden

    Jensen asking the super loaded questions LOL

  86. David Brown
    David Brown
    3 maanden geleden

    Not sure it will happen, but can you imagine the excitement if George and Sir Lewis swapped seats for 2022.

  87. Ervin Dsouza
    Ervin Dsouza
    3 maanden geleden


  88. Lea
    3 maanden geleden

    I think he’ll get that seat in 22’ Lewis is a great driver but not the best, he’s certainly past his prime. The only thing keeping him at the top is that car. If George doesn’t get a Mercedes seat in 22, he’ll look somewhere else and Toto will nip that in the bud as soon as possible so I don’t think he’ll want Lewis next season, at the moment Lewis suits the needs of Mercedes that’s the truth I’m afraid but I hope George gets that seat in 22’

  89. Aryan Chauhan
    Aryan Chauhan
    3 maanden geleden

    2022 Championship Battle: Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, George Russell, Daniel Riccardo.

  90. Faaz Arshad
    Faaz Arshad
    3 maanden geleden

    Russell should stay in WILLIAMS! He is a good addition to the William team and is a perfect fit there. All Williams have to do is to make the car better. I would stay at Williams over Mercedes tbh. Especially when ur the number 1 and there future.

    1. Parth Shah
      Parth Shah
      2 maanden geleden

      You are deluded. I wouldn't want to be last for the next few years hoping to get better.

  91. abhi verma
    abhi verma
    3 maanden geleden

    1:03 Bruh , that's Brundle... The guy who raced Schumacher as teammate... And got his cheeks clapped

    1. ethan woodley
      ethan woodley
      3 maanden geleden

      Every teammate of schumacher in his prime got their cheeks clapped

  92. Peter Fowke
    Peter Fowke
    3 maanden geleden

    I watch the about the speculation about George Russell but please wait and see what happened and if he go to Mercedes seat in 2022 I will still enjoy see him drive in another F1 team.

  93. phr tao
    phr tao
    3 maanden geleden

    What a wonderful professional young man. Already I have seen enough to put him on the very highest level as a driver, engineer, PR man and leader of a team. His manager probably has teams queueing up to employ him (not just Mercedes !)

  94. John La Monte
    John La Monte
    3 maanden geleden

    George and everyone knows that F1 is run BY, and FOR nazis. And that only the lying, cheating nazis at Mercedes are allowed to win titles in F1! Soooo.....he will know that that is the ONLY seat that can win, elsewise the nazis will penalize and destroy any team that is remotely competitive with the nazis at Mercedes. 8 more years of nazi rule!!!!!!!!

  95. Shane Lacey
    Shane Lacey
    3 maanden geleden

    Hopefully Russell and Hamilton for 2022 at Mercedes

  96. Ezra Elliott
    Ezra Elliott
    3 maanden geleden

    "So Jenson, what do you actually get paid to do with the team?" "'s behind the scenes atmosphere...very busy..."

    1. Hamish Gaffaney
      Hamish Gaffaney
      3 maanden geleden

      Sounds like a good gig

  97. Rumel Ahmed
    Rumel Ahmed
    3 maanden geleden

    Merc missed a trick. Should have let Hamiltons contract expire. He doesnt add any value to the brand anymore.

  98. Mac Sixtyfive
    Mac Sixtyfive
    3 maanden geleden a championship winning team...bout time this Russell fellow manned up to that.

  99. menon koonjul
    menon koonjul
    3 maanden geleden

    Pascal Wehrlein was dropped by Mercedes what thinks George has a chance?

    1. M Wadud
      M Wadud
      3 maanden geleden

      Wehlein was dropped because Williams needed a pay driver. Williams are more secure now financially. And George Russel in a British car sells. He has value in that regard. Ocon might be a better example

  100. A. Rahil Pahlevi
    A. Rahil Pahlevi
    3 maanden geleden

    "U know........ yeah"