Did Hamilton prove a point winning the Bahrain GP? | Antony Davidson & Craig Slater discuss the race

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Anthony Davidson and Craig Slater look back to yesterday's Bahrain Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton's win. Without being in the fastest car Hamilton managed to still get the victory which showed the immense quality of the driver, so has he proved people wrong? And what would have happened to Max Verstappen if he hadn’t given the place back?

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  1. Sasha
    2 maanden geleden

    I’ve blurry footage as well there

  2. Neil Stephen
    Neil Stephen
    2 maanden geleden

    No, Red Bull gifted him the win with their rare strategy mistake

  3. steel ssstu
    steel ssstu
    2 maanden geleden

    Christ Sky is crap, I wish they would sod off, F1 needs to be free to air, also sky please less stupid hype and commentary that is over the top and quite frankly embarrassingly bad,, pay TV is just vile and greed

  4. Pat Scally
    Pat Scally
    2 maanden geleden

    Louise proved that it is about the car and about FiA's devotion to Mercedes and affirmative action.

  5. Ray Chambers
    Ray Chambers
    2 maanden geleden

    As long he sticks to racing not politics I would be happy.

  6. Den R
    Den R
    2 maanden geleden

    Like all wins from Verstappen last few years with a more lesser car than Hamilton had. That makes Verstappen even more special in the interviewers opinion

  7. Martin L
    Martin L
    2 maanden geleden

    Why does everyone talk like this is the first time Hamilton has won without driving the fastest car?

  8. Neil Allison
    Neil Allison
    2 maanden geleden

    What's with the out-of-focus crap? 😡

  9. DMD
    2 maanden geleden

    Jokers. How did he do in his rookie year? Remember Silverstone in the rain when they were all spinning? Massa spun about 10 times. Rewatch the Canada race that button one when he was penalised from monoco. Watch how quickly he gained on button. Yes he crashed doing a crazy Anakin vs obiwan move but the move came from his immense speed. As if Button was nobody zero respect. Remember Alonso in the desert "I only want to hear about Hamilton!" remember the Mercedes when it was a dog of a car? Who was the single person coming close to Vettle in qualifying if not race trim. Remember the Turkish go? Remember when Ferrair were faster? Remember, when he was getting all those death threats, people turning up with black face and he was still producing. Who would you bet to produce a faster lap? Remember, when we used to say his overtaking came from his carting days... That he's a born racer? Shame that he's black. He'd get less stick.... Because when you really analyse it he's not guilty of any they don't all do. Think about it vettle and Schumacher have literally crashed into people on purpose!!! Rosberg pulling off aborting a lap on monoco. I can't remember Hamilton resorting to rubbish like that. The record is clear

  10. themanwhocan
    2 maanden geleden

    No he's been doing this in f1 since 2007

  11. Manonfire jijijiji
    Manonfire jijijiji
    2 maanden geleden

    Its about the car not the driver. Have we all forgot Russel who almost won in lewis car if it was not for mercedes f... him over

  12. Manonfire jijijiji
    Manonfire jijijiji
    2 maanden geleden

    Ofcourse its all about the car. Bottas isnt the second best driver. And he still finishes in the top 2 most grand prix. Its all about the car. Hamilton would not have won nearly as many if they drove the same car

  13. Robbie
    2 maanden geleden

    Yeah, the point he proved was that he, Botta’s and the entire Mercedes team were being sly and sandbagging all through the initial practice sessions for 2021 season.

  14. jcyja313
    2 maanden geleden

    Used tracklimits, therefor won

  15. alfaV6boy1
    2 maanden geleden

    Totally impartiality there from Davidson, man on Merc payroll...... "Must make Lewis look good at all times a]or he will call us racists" Lewis moans about slavery from 100 years ago but ignores modern slavery in Saudi Arabia....classy...

  16. alfaV6boy1
    2 maanden geleden

    I think Russell proved all we needed to know...... also he didn't win in the HAAS he won in the Merc.... people all excited because Max s suddenly a bit closer, he is still in a great car..... i feel sorrow for people who just watch F1 and dont follow MotoGP.... that is were real racers are, last MotoGP race anyone out of 10 could of won it down to the last few laps....

  17. Sylmaron Mars
    Sylmaron Mars
    2 maanden geleden

    It's way to premature to talk about this when Max's car had a malfunction.

  18. Martijn
    2 maanden geleden

    That rules are bent to his favour?

  19. Lokra
    2 maanden geleden

    Yes, he proved that F1 is RIGGED. He should have been given 5 sec penalty for going out of the turn N4 more than 5 times before lap 32, but they didn't do it. This gave him the win.

  20. Tobias Duncan
    Tobias Duncan
    2 maanden geleden

    Yes that he's the best driver ever, he's won more races, more poles, and soon to be the most championships.

  21. Oldsklrt1
    2 maanden geleden

    Lewis Hamilton has nothing left to prove. He is one of, if not, the all time best and a Champion today! 😎

  22. xedor2003
    2 maanden geleden

    Anthony Davidson about Lewis Hamilton: "To win a race in not the fastest car, that puts you into a very special category". If you think that is special, Mr. Davidson, then let me tell you that of the ten victories Max Verstappen has at this moment none was won while driving the fastest car. None! No, Hamilton did not prove a point.

  23. Moose Moose
    Moose Moose
    2 maanden geleden

    I think Lewis Hamilton is probably the best driver on the grid. The problem is ! His attitude. It stinks.

  24. Critter Arm
    Critter Arm
    2 maanden geleden

    Craig Slater sounding drunk as always.

  25. Chris Braid
    Chris Braid
    2 maanden geleden

    Sandbagging and getting away with it, exceeding track limits and not being penalised .... better driver ???? Naaah !!!

  26. scott micheal walsh
    scott micheal walsh
    2 maanden geleden

    At some stage you going to have to admit Hamilton is a top 3 all time driver and is a master of his craft it was one of his best GP victories

  27. Jason Davies
    Jason Davies
    2 maanden geleden

    What's the point in replacing Mercedes with dominant Red Bull or dominant Ferrari or heaven forbid dormant Williams slash McLaren or anyone

  28. stephen dailey
    stephen dailey
    2 maanden geleden

    Pitching Max against Lewis is the wrong way to look at F1, simply because Lewis has nothing to prove.

  29. abhishek mandal
    abhishek mandal
    2 maanden geleden

    No he will prove a point of he wins world championship in this car

  30. MJM FOX
    2 maanden geleden

    Lewis is best ever. Nobody has come close to winning championship as rookie. He should have won as a rookie against the champion in the same car. The next year he did win the championship. 11 years later and 7 championships HOW GOOD IS HE!!!! NO DOUBThes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Reignmkr!
    2 maanden geleden

    It says A LOT about the viewers that Hamilton wasn't in the running for Driver of The Day! The hatred/haterade is real!

  32. ZOANOM
    2 maanden geleden

    Sick of the political correctness lifting the only black driver in history. "Rarified group"? Give me a break. George Russel showed us it's the car. F1 allowed Ham to break the track limits all day until Max did it. They just couldn't stand letting Max win that race. Hamilton will go down as the most coddled and praised average F1 driver in history.

  33. Yfffad Kcud
    Yfffad Kcud
    2 maanden geleden

    If red bull had not panicked in giving back the place to hammy there would have been a contest as to the real outcome of the pass. At worst he verstaphen would have finished second as he did anyway.

  34. Syfa Delgado
    Syfa Delgado
    2 maanden geleden

    F1 drivers can only win when Lewis is not on the track, it doesn't matter what he's driving, he will hurl it across the finish line. He's at God status, everyone else in mare humans.

  35. Gideon Ilesanmi
    Gideon Ilesanmi
    2 maanden geleden

    Simply put, SIR LEWIS HAMILTON is the best Formula One driver of all time and era to date. His massive broken records are there for all to see. 👌🏽👍🏽👏🏽

  36. Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly
    2 maanden geleden

    Is water wet ? Even before that.

  37. Killian potworoska
    Killian potworoska
    2 maanden geleden

    It is so sad to see how the Lewis fans feel the constant urge to make Lewis bigger than he is. The fact that the die hard Lewis fan is always working hard on this... says enough. Now again consistently screaming that RB has the fastest car while Mercedes just like previous seasons finishes the race on 1 and 3 is ridiculous . And as we all know, this victory is not due to Lewis's driving talents but purely to the decision of the race management . Lewis was just overtaken by Max on the outside during the race. I know it hurts for the fans but it is not necessary at all. No one disputes Lewis's talent other than his own fans! Be happy and enjoy the hug that Max and Lewis give each other after the race.

  38. ian walton
    ian walton
    2 maanden geleden

    Sir Lewis Hamilton greatest f1 driver of all time . End of . Max is good but will not be a champion til Lewis retires .

  39. Arun
    2 maanden geleden

    Lewis has continually proved himself to the haters, the rest of us have seen his class many times in the rain, with a blown tire, and in a slower car in his McClaren days.

  40. Som Guy
    Som Guy
    2 maanden geleden

    Racings black messiah is about to be stomped with a clog. Enjoy.

  41. Alexton
    2 maanden geleden

    Unfortunately for Ham... this topic raised because he's the only multichamp in F1 history that he still has to prove a lot ...

  42. Nick klaus
    Nick klaus
    2 maanden geleden

    the only point showing was that every driver has to go by the rules the only one that has no rules is Hamilton he said it himself G was doing it all race. what a joke f1 is the do everything to let Hamilton win if he can win on his own he crys over the radio and bang the f1 boss say the real winner broke a rule and hand it to the cry baby f.1 is dead sport years now same winner over and over and over and yes over . motogp is so much better anyone can win fights to the end

  43. Michael Fayne
    Michael Fayne
    2 maanden geleden

    Historically the best driver has always driven for the best team with the best car, and I don't recall the same amount of scrutiny over Schumacher...

  44. Amnon Hoppe
    Amnon Hoppe
    2 maanden geleden

    YES, Hamilton proved that FIA are biased. That is it!!!!!

  45. Jeroen Bons
    Jeroen Bons
    2 maanden geleden

    Max is already fighting for years singlehandedly. In most cases he succeeded in splitting the 2 Mercedeses. Even in a 'speedwise' inferior car. So imagine what he could do in a car that is not longer inferior and with the help of a second Red Bull.

  46. Marc Coker
    Marc Coker
    2 maanden geleden

    I like Hamilton. Anyone who still thinks he has a point to prove is deluded. He could drive around at 5mph with pants on his head, he is the most successful driver. But the only point he seems to have proved is that the stewards have his back. He made a lot of time throughout the race due to not abiding by track limits and then was reawarded the lead when his opponent, who was already in front, did not abide to track limits in the same place. He did not win, he was allowed to win. If he had abided to track limits the entire race he would not have won.

  47. Dan Dan
    Dan Dan
    2 maanden geleden

    To my opinion all that letting Hamilton gain advantage for 29laps and then banning it inconsistently when Max started doing it is unfair! I mean going wide at that turn helped Hamilton save tires and gained him few seconds over half the race and certainly robbed Verstappen of winning the race in addition to a bit strategy mess up! However it’s unfair and confusing what this stupid FIA doing!

  48. Fifthelement203
    2 maanden geleden

    Amazing how Lewis’ victories get questioned as if he didn’t hsve a teammate with the exact same car. Rosberg couldn’t beat him. The year he won Lewis had a few DNFs. And bottas has 0 chance. He can’t even beat Verstappen. So what are we even talking about here?

    1. S King
      S King
      2 maanden geleden

      Everybody but you here is talking about how Hamilton got by with cheating, while Max did not.

  49. Fifthelement203
    2 maanden geleden

    First of all. He could not have gotta 5 seconds ahead in 4 laps. Who do you think he was racing? Bottas???

  50. Thomas Jager
    Thomas Jager
    2 maanden geleden

    Hamilton proved 29 times race control is corrupt or not able to do there job.

  51. silva livinus
    silva livinus
    2 maanden geleden

    Anthony Davidson does not really like Lewis and shy away from the truth. Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver ever. When haters say Hamilton always drives the best car. To me that is rubbish and being jealous. He has very good drivers always with him in the team and he still beat them year in year out except for Rosberg. Talk of the likes of Alonso, Jason Button, Bottas etc. I give you guys an eye opener, LH in his first ever F1 race finish 3rd. To finish a race in F1 put a lot of things together and managing your tyres is of the top. George Russel ( very great guy) drove LH's car as an already established F1 driver what did he do?. Some say Lewis is a lucky guy. There is nothing like luck in F1. You work hard and drive well you see the chequered flag. LH in his debut season was in the same team with the then two times and current world champion (F Alonso) and he (LH) beat him. People should stop this nonsense and give credit where it is due. Lewis reached 7 world championship with fewer races than MS. What else do haters want?

  52. Ian Ransome
    Ian Ransome
    2 maanden geleden

    No, Max lost that due to RBs tyre strategy. LH did drive extremely well.

  53. Roo Marr (Andrew)
    Roo Marr (Andrew)
    2 maanden geleden

    The races are only boring if you focus on the front. There are 20 cars, and a really fierce midfield battle. The TV (and pundits), need to spread their attention more and stop whipping up fake dissatisfaction.

  54. Marry Berkouwer
    Marry Berkouwer
    2 maanden geleden

    Lewis was outside the track 29 times ( winning how many sec?) FIA make up your mind about the rules, this one is giving fans a bitter taste of a real exiting race

  55. BRM H16
    BRM H16
    2 maanden geleden

    I think you only have to look at who is nominated for "Driver of the Day" to see just how under appreciated Hamilton is. Even by his own people.

    1. Lenworth Goffe
      Lenworth Goffe
      2 maanden geleden

      Yeah I so agree... who the hell is voting... people watching snooker

  56. MrEri101
    2 maanden geleden

    The golden question is LH

  57. shanefanon
    2 maanden geleden

    Grerat observation on Checko ...He HAS to quality in the top 4. If he is unable to complete even that then he is Useless to RedBull.

  58. Lingum Govender
    Lingum Govender
    2 maanden geleden

    Brilliant race Lewis.

  59. lukilladog
    2 maanden geleden

    Now Hamilton has the chance to prove that he is one of the greatest of all time, or not.

  60. robbie celtic
    robbie celtic
    2 maanden geleden

    He still got passed twice by max!!!

  61. Dazza
    2 maanden geleden

    Smh for alex albon lol.

  62. James Madgwick
    James Madgwick
    2 maanden geleden

    If your allowed to exceed track limits then you will win. Unfortunately the stewards let Hamilton continue to exceed the track limits otherwise the race card gets used.

  63. david atherton
    david atherton
    2 maanden geleden

    Yes he proved he has the fastest car when it matters

  64. Jog B
    Jog B
    2 maanden geleden

    Great drive, but the Merc was, on average, the fastest car of qualifying, check the times. And best time doesn't tell what's easiest on the tires.

  65. Ano Niem
    Ano Niem
    2 maanden geleden

    Englishmen talking about the achievements of their fellow Englishman "sir" Hamilton... omg please. No. The RB is not the better car. And no. The victory of Hamilton was not such a great performance as most Englishmen want to believe. Hamilton went out of corner 4 almost the entire race. Max is going out of corner 4 AFTER being in front of Hamilton already. Then Max gets penalized for going of track. This is a clear cut case of easy rules for the Englishman and very strict rules for Max. That's what provided Hamilton with victory here, not his great driving. Why are those Sky Sports commentators not bringing this up? Why do they blur the footage showing clearly Max was in front of Hamilton before going of track? But not all Englishman are prejudiced. Norris sees Verstappen's penalty slightly different as most Englishmen, commenting and praising their Hamilton.

  66. Douwe Egbert
    Douwe Egbert
    2 maanden geleden

    so lewis did , what max has done more than once last few years ..win with a slower car and now he is the best ?? lol .. weird science

  67. Douwe Egbert
    Douwe Egbert
    2 maanden geleden

    the GOAT = in this case , Greediest of all Time ...

  68. Mike Caffyn
    Mike Caffyn
    2 maanden geleden

    Watch canoeing. Dangly poles. Hit the pole, get a time penalty. No subjectivity, no argument. Use more sophisticated poles, like lasers? Simple.

  69. Yerrie
    2 maanden geleden

    Unbelievable or actually not how British press turns a FIA disgrace into a Lewis victory, first time Max has a competitive car and Lewis got the whole weekend his ass kicked by Max until FIA came to the rescue, yes they did! Ocon whas not penalized or put back by the FIA. Max was not allowed to overtake Hamilton before!!!! he took Hamilton's line fopr 29 laps trough turn 4, Hamilton was ass kicked the first race Max in compatible car the first race of 23 and you see this as a prove that hamiltons WDC's were not a walk in the park. FIA can't assist Lewis for 22 more race, but you people are buts, Hamilton ass kicked and helped by FIA is a victory for Lewis, gets worse and worse with SKY

  70. So Isaidtogod
    So Isaidtogod
    2 maanden geleden

    LuLU proved for sure that Crash is not as good as he is hyped to be.

  71. Michael Dark
    Michael Dark
    2 maanden geleden

    A word that's missing ? SPORTSMANSHIP ? Hat's off to both RED BULL & MAX. It was a fantastic race and I guess we'll be seeing more. I would of liked to have seen Max win BUT I'm sure it'll just make Red Bull all the more determined ????

  72. Bram Casteur
    Bram Casteur
    2 maanden geleden

    I cant deny Lewis is the best driver on the grid atm but the dude went off track what? 30 times this race? Kinda unfair to RB imo

  73. Pedro van Eijk
    Pedro van Eijk
    2 maanden geleden

    01:22 "But to win a race in not the fastest car, that puts you into a very special category of drivers in my opinion". Max has been doing that for years now...

  74. Donald Bonner
    Donald Bonner
    2 maanden geleden

    He proved that he's still lucky and good.

  75. Alec Morris
    Alec Morris
    2 maanden geleden

    This was more about RedBull loosing the race

  76. Prince Sekyere
    Prince Sekyere
    2 maanden geleden

    He has proven himself over and over again i dnt know wtf prove anyone want again. Let's face reality here.

  77. Daniel Gijsbers
    Daniel Gijsbers
    2 maanden geleden

    Another set of commentators who conveniently forgot to mention that Lewis was 29 times outside the track at turn 4 gaining a lasting benefit of 0.2 seconds per infraction... I wonder how they would have reacted if the roles had been reversed

  78. f W
    f W
    2 maanden geleden

    He actually didn't WIN. He got tbis 1st place handed over.

  79. Godfrey Cadogan
    Godfrey Cadogan
    2 maanden geleden

    To all you idiots who says Lewis always has the best car to win you know nothing about F1

  80. Igbon5
    2 maanden geleden

    29 laps of cheating at turn 4 at least one running over track limits at ten to keep an advantage. Haveing two cars to undercut or overcut Max. Yeah, it's all Lewis.

  81. Opa- Dick
    Opa- Dick
    2 maanden geleden

    All good drivers win in Hamilton var, no doubt. But in this race Hamilton wind again unfair. Max completed the overtake do ham had nko reason to wine, as hè usual do.. While he abuse the corner rules 29 time this race again, as usual hè onltbwin witch cheating . The moment Max go over the curbs in C4 the masi wine over the radio IT is forbitten.

  82. Dark Matter
    Dark Matter
    2 maanden geleden

    People forget that the main reason that car has been so good is coz he’s spent 10 years developing it.

    1. James
      Maand geleden

      Top comment

  83. Stuart Thorpe
    Stuart Thorpe
    2 maanden geleden

    Yep. He proved that he will win even when he doesn't have the fastest car, because stewards

  84. akeme rofako
    akeme rofako
    2 maanden geleden

    No, he a bust

  85. Teflon Dan
    Teflon Dan
    2 maanden geleden

    Stupid argument to say he has fastest car, everybody knows about this by now, so why the others not improving theirs?

  86. bamboo zooka
    bamboo zooka
    2 maanden geleden

    yet again merc goes thro practise at 70% power say ferrari/redbull ones to watch then up the power to 100 for first race. change the record

  87. Cristian Muscala
    Cristian Muscala
    2 maanden geleden

    It's funny that hamilton only took 5s for completely taking out albon twice, yet here Verstappen 'deserved 10s' for that

  88. Vuyani Asher Kona
    Vuyani Asher Kona
    2 maanden geleden

    At some stage some white people need to realise that asking a black person to constantly prove their worth is racism. We see it all the time in the work places where a white person is a wonderful employee because of skin colour but a black person must prove they are a great employee everyday

    2 maanden geleden

    To be fair he did use turn 4, 29 times gaining approx 2.9 seconds over the course of the race

  90. Hotstepper
    2 maanden geleden

    Great to see commentators doing what they without nappies on their faces!

  91. deepwawa
    2 maanden geleden

    I just don't understand people that think lewis needs to prove anything

    2 maanden geleden


  93. Angus Maclean
    Angus Maclean
    2 maanden geleden

    Was obvious in his first year the outstanding driver he is,

  94. p one2
    p one2
    2 maanden geleden

    Sky is british right?? Lewis is british?? So impossible to conclude orherwise...thnx Sky for your insight 👍🏻

  95. Andries Louw
    Andries Louw
    2 maanden geleden

    It was proven that there is a bit of Hamilton favouritism in terms of rules and bending the rules 29 times. Max crosses limits once and gets penalized, vettel missed reducing speed by 1/100th s and a second yelliw flag that did not even show and get penalized. Shows nothing about hamiltons driving and remember max passed him.

  96. Jojo Lewis
    Jojo Lewis
    2 maanden geleden

    How many times he has to prove the same point ...... why asked the same question? SMH

  97. Jeansie
    2 maanden geleden

    Verstappens 7th season and not a single title to his name. Hamilton in the same amount of time had 1 and was closing in one another. vettel in 7 seasons had 2 of his 4. Whats Verstappen getting so much praise for?

    1. Richard Boon
      Richard Boon
      2 maanden geleden

      For being one of the few drivers to not turn Formula 1 into a boring parade. And for being the only one to give the almighty Mercedes some competition (Ferrari's cheating shenanigans don't count).

  98. Phil Porter
    Phil Porter
    2 maanden geleden

    Just a note on Lewis' statistics. His percentage wins over 267 races is 35.96%. That's now higher than Jim Clark.

  99. Kenny Simbayi
    Kenny Simbayi
    2 maanden geleden

    Firstly he has nothing to prove Secondly drive wasn't as great as some of his others so dunno why people so surprised

  100. Randy
    2 maanden geleden

    Yes, that the art of sandbagging is deeper than originally thought.